Hampshire College. “Playing with Pieces” Division III show: main gallery, April 2004.  BA in Studio Art, 2004.

AS220 Gallery, Providence RI. “Under the Interior” : main gallery. March, 2007.

Projekt 30 Online Gallery. May 2007 exhibition.

Mad exacto knife skills, not too shabby with a paintbrush. Never quite the knack of drawing perspective. Frequent doodler. Guilty of starting and abandoning projects for new, shinier projects that then get abandoned and so on. Currently working on a body of work focusing on medical themed imagery for potential showing in 2010.


Nanny @ various private households. Full-time May 2008 – Present. On and off 1998 – 2008. First childcare gig: coaching assistant on swim team at the bright young age of 14 (1996). Preschool teacher for one memorable year.

Skills : crisis management, CPR/First Aid certified, certified Not A Weirdo by Providence Police (well, sort of, they have my fingerprints on file), extremely reliable in making sure everyone is fed, napped, and uses the potty. Great at reading stories and drawing pictures (so long as the children don’t notice that I really can’t handle perspective, thus far, they don’t seem to mind too much). All around entertainer – singer, dancer, tea party guest, etc. One handed diapering when necessary.


Currently in the process of learning Portuguese. Conversational in French, German, and baby.


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