I think that this Muppet cover of Bohemian Rhapsody probably appeals to adults more than children, but it’s going on my iPhone Muppet playlist for those tense moments when nothing but a good Muppet will do.

I couldn’t wait until Monday to share this with you. Enjoy.


Fun fact: as a kid, I loved Christmas music so much that my parents had to hide my Christmas record (yep! The days of vinyl!) from January to November. I still love Christmas music and have been known not to skip over it if it shows up on my iPod in July. This particular song even gets specifically queued up, even in August.

Since this is a BONUS POST! I’m going to conclude with BONUS GOODNESS! My mama has enjoyed her foray into Tumblr, but found it lacking. Little did I know that she would immediately want to plunge into SRS BLOGGING. I set up an account and gave her a wordpress tutorial over Thanksgiving weekend, and now, she’s broadcasting to the world at MamaPeke. Mark my words: she’s going to have a bigger following than I do.

Paintin’ With Puddin’.

November 30, 2009

Thing 2 attends an art/music “workshop” on Wednesdays and this past week had an activity that he really, REALLY got into. Man did he ever love it. All of the kids that participated in Paintin’ With Puddin’ were totally, totally entranced.

Behold! Vanilla pudding with food coloring! And some spiky balls!

Something about the thick texture of the pudding was much more appealing than any kind of normal paint. Perhaps the subtle vanilla scent also helped – but Thing 2 wasn’t one of the kids who figured out that the “paint” was also delicious. He just totally, totally loved the texture of the pudding and moving it around the paper with the little ball. He used his fingers a bit, but the ball was the main “brush.”

Here’s his final product:


An Icelandic reggae song about a sheep. Classic. I understand bits and pieces of the lyrics enough to let you know that the sheep says “da da” but means “ba da.” Yep. I got to know Hjálmar’s music really well when I lived in Iceland and I really love this band – the song Borgin is particularly amazing, though probably more popular with adults as it does not contain any nonsense-speaking sheep.

Adventures with clay.

November 23, 2009

Play Doh is all well and good, but I want the boys to get some experience with actual art supplies, so I introduced Thing 1 to clay last week. Well, I use the term “clay” loosely as this was $5 for a whole BUCKET. And I do mean bucket. Oh man, did he ever love the clay. The only “snag” I didn’t forsee was that for a bucket of 50 colors, he felt compelled to create something with each color. Around the beginning, this meant using the cookie cutters and making dolphins and roses (for which he needed my help as this clay was much stiffer to roll out than Play Doh)… and by the end, he was just taking strips of clay and making “bracelets.” It certainly kept him busy! And he even asked for it again the next day!

It’s clay! In a bucket!

The clay.

He was very proud of this and proclaimed “Look! I made yucky!” It took his parents to explain that he meant GNOCCHI. Right. Makes much more sense than “yucky.”

I made these. Googly eyes included in the bucket.

Rose. I am holding it very carefully because of the thorns. (Yes, he made thorns! It’s hard to capture these wee details when my only available tool is my iPhone.) In the background you can see the googly eyes, rolling pin, and cookie cutters that came in the bucket.

Snake. I don’t really like snakes – in fact, I’m terrified of them, but I LOVE this snake because…

It has a bellybutton! Thing 1 has a bellybutton obsession – they’re on all of his drawings, and apparently, all of his sculptures. Bellybutton is one of the words he knows in Slovak (which his mom speaks), which I think is part of what makes them so fascinating for him.

Watch. This is kind of what the last half-hour’s worth of projects looked like. Various watches. A few bracelets, which were just like the watch but without the face.

Oh man, I heard this song on the radio this week and nearly died of happiness. The Indigo Girls were so central to high school/college for me and most specifically remind me of someone who was central to my high school life who recently passed away. I love being musically reminded of our best moments.

And hey, this is also a great song to sing with a kiddo or two.

Awesome Blossom.

November 20, 2009

I feel compelled to point out that one of my Virgoan quirks is to read the entire archives of every blog that I follow. I am not stalking you, I just… have completist tendencies. I must use every page in a coloring book in consecutive order. I must finish all books I read, even if they suck. I must own each part of a series – if I’m going to buy one, I have to buy them all.

So, the way that this relates to my blogging (and to specifically to Friday’s Awesome Blossom roundup) is that these might not be recent links. And if you’re wondering “How/why are you linking to this thing I wrote two years ago?! Are you mental?!” The answer is… well.. yes.  Enjoy anyway.

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