Look at me blogging while you read my blog! And oh yes, the kitties. Nuno took this picture to document the kitties sitting a foot apart since they totally hate each other and this never happens – my blogging in the background is totally incidental.

(One of these days, I will post a photo of me where I didn’t just get home from work and look like I was run over by a truck full of dirty diapers, I swear.)


Cemetery Cats.

July 13, 2009

If you want to know why I visited the cemetery in Lisbon… well, I like cemeteries. I find them oddly soothing. I could wax philosophical about the cycle of life and how many people have lived ordinary lives like we do and now they’re in the cemetery like we will be someday and ok, this is morbid, but it somehow comforts me to think about how freaking many people have lived on this planet already. But no, no morbid burbling from me today. Today, it’s kitties. There are evidently herds of feral cats roaming around the Lisbon cemetery, making it the cutest cemetery in the whole world.