NOTE: These reviews are based on usability of the product for the nanny. Do not use alcohol based hand sanitizers on kids’ delicate skin! Ok!

Given that it’s flu season and the only thing more ubiquitous than the little respiratory mask at the doctor’s office is tubes of hand sanitizer, I thought I’d share my experiences. I’m not pro-hand sanitizer outside of work, but when you’re wiping someone else’s butt and that someone doesn’t exactly allow you time to fully wash your hands before charging down the stairs… yeah, it’s a little tube of sanity.


H5N1 Virus

CareOne/Generic Brand Lemon Scented Hand Sanitizer: This was in-stock at the Schmoops’ home. I guess MamaSchmoop enjoys having her hands smell like lemons. I do not. I don’t like lemon scented anything, really, and that’s just me. Other than that, it’s kind of drying – just like Purell – only more lemony.

Purell w/Aloe: Ok, so it’s like, $2 more than the regular 99c Purell/generic non-aloe alcohol-licious goo, but if you have extremely dry skin, it’s worth those $2. My skin? My skin it is so dry that it’s akin to sandpaper in the winters. This is my go-to.

CleanWell Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizer: I bought this at Whole Foods thinking that it would be a good alternative to alcohol based sanitizers – it’s advertised as “kid safe.” Well, it would be, except that it smells like I just stuck my hands in a vat of Italian Seasoning. I guess thyme has anti-septic properties. This is great if you want your hands to smell like thyme, but if not, you’ll find yourself cursing the fact that you paid $4 for this. This is why you always use the tester first.